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When a man looks for the right fraternity, it should be a carefully weighed and thoughtful decision. We would like to help you with your choice and outline what makes a Gentleman of Quality and Diversity. A fraternity is much like a house. It needs proper support if it is to stand the test of time. Our pillars are:

1. Service - We are dedicated to being of use in our communities by leveraging our greatest strengths. Whether it is helping at a soup kitchen or cleaning up the local park, helping others is a cornerstone for success as a GQD.

2. Education - Primarily composed of students, our brothers strive for academic excellence. In our membership education process, we aim to instill a reverence for learning. Not only do we focus on academics, but our methods and symbols are based on the timeless traditions of Greek-letter organizations, which cultivate wisdom through experience.

3. Brotherhood - Last, but not least, our third pillar is that of a trust that forms only through the bonds of brotherhood. Many fraternities say they offer brotherhood, but our uniquely challenging process forges a unity unrivaled by other organizations. We learn to work together as one cohesive unit to accomplish goals that would be impossible otherwise.

Established in 1999, our philanthropy centers around providing aid to disadvantaged children of all kinds. In particular, we commit ourselves to being role models and mentors for inner city youth.

What is Membership Education Like?

Interested applicants should be well aware that we are a strictly non-hazing fraternity.  That being said, we do offer challenging membership education that will test your capabilities.

In our modern age, there are few opportunities in a man's life to test his limits and see what is in the depths of his heart. We guarantee that, if you complete membership education, it will ingrain into you a set of memories that you will fondly remember for eternity. It reminds us that if we were able to overcome arduous, but enriching tasks, there is little in life that can stop us.

Rest assured that while it can seem daunting, the personal reward will be an experience that develops a sacred bond between you and the fraternity.

If you believe you are ready to embark on this journey and meet the following requirements, do contact us.

  • You attend a four-year college or university and are enrolled in a Bachelor's Degree program or equivalent
  • You are in good standing with your university/college
  • You must be at least 18-years old
  • You must complete the all of membership education
  • You must pay a local chapter or national fee to be considered active